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Helpful Forestry Related Links

Arborist List
The Louisiana Horticulture Law states that no person shall receive fees, advertise, or solicit business in a regulated profession or occupation unless he holds the appropriate license or permit, or has a regular employee who holds the appropriate license or permit, or is employed by a person who holds the appropriate license or permit. Click for Arborist Listing (PDF)

Daily Fire Weather
Fire danger is the probability of a fire to start, the rate of spread and intensity of its burn. Awareness of the following fire danger rating levels will help decrease wildfire ignitions. Click to visit Website

Association of Consulting Foresters
Listing of Louisiana Foresters who are members of the Association of Consulting Foresters. Click to visit Website

State Office of Forestry for Cost Share Program
State Office of Forestry for Forest Productivity  cost share program (FPP) - (225) 925-4500.

Forestry Economic Picture by State and by Congressional District
LSU AgCenter Forest Economist Shaun Tanger has the latest figures -Click to view

Forestry Economic Impact Parish-by-Parish
LSU AgCenter Forest Economist Dr. Shaun Tanger ... Click to visit webpage

State Office of Forestry for information on laws and Quarterly Timber Reports
The State Office of Forestry website has lots of helpful information on forestry law and price reports. Click to visit Website 

Louisiana Forest Products Development Center
Read the latest scientific papers dealing with a variety of forestry issues. Click to visit Website.

Feral Hog Facts & Information
Find out issues with one of the problematic animals in forests in the South from the Louisiana Department of Wildlife & Fisheries. Click to visit LDWF webpage.

Feral Swine Rules & Regulations
The Louisiana Department of Agriculture & Forestry has set rules and regulations for transporting feral swine. Click to visit LDAF webpage.