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Nominate Champion Tree

To nominate a champion tree, fill out the form as much as possible with estimated measurements if you are not a forester. Email the form back to The directory comes out in March of each year.


Big Tree Directory

Check out the national Big Tree directory of the American Forests program. You can search the register and also see guidelines for measuring a tree. Nominations for national champion must first come through the Louisiana Champion Tree program.


Champion Louisiana Trees

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ParishSorted By Parish In Ascending OrderSpeciesNational ChampCo-ChampNew this yearCircumHeightSpreadPoints
BeauregardAmerican HollyNoYesNo6'11"55'40'148
BeauregardBlack WalnutNoNoNo10'6"66'74"210
BienvilleSouthern Red OakNoNoNo21' 8"104'84'385
BienvillePost OakNoNoNo14'4"92'102'290
BossierBlackjack OakNoYesNo7'6"55'54'158
BossierChinkapin OakNoNoNo11'688'80246
CaddoBasswood (Carolina)NoNoNo10' 4"107'60'246
CaddoOsage OrangeNoNoNo15' 2"72'69'271
CaddoAmerican SycamoreNoNoNo19' 5"106'95'363
CaddoChittumwoodNoNoNo5' 9"46'57'129
CaddoEastern CottonwoodNoNoNo19'11104'119'373
CalcasieuRed MulberryNoNoNo7'9"78'52'184
CaldwellCucumbertree MagnoliaNoNoNo5' 11"87'29'165
CaldwellRiver BirchNoNoNo10' 6"65'75'210
CatahoulaCedar ElmNoNoNo11' 4"82'85'239
ClaiborneLoblolly PineNoNoNo15'5""162'83'368
ClaiborneWillow OakNoNoNo23' 7"99'105'408
ClaiborneSwamp Chestnut OakNoNoNo20' 8"125'103'399
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