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LLC Meetings
The Louisiana Logging Council has an annual seminar in August during the Louisiana Forestry Association annual meeting. Chapter meetings are held more frequently during the year.
Harvest Season Permit

Logging contractors must get a harvest season permit each year to haul forest products in "their natural state." The permit allows 86,600 pounds on state roads and 83,400 pounds on the interstate system. The application for the permit is online at the La. Dept. of Transportation or the Louisiana Truck Center. For a copy of the application for 2017 click the following link.


Louisiana Logging Council

The Louisiana Logging Council is a professional group of logging contractors operating within the Louisiana Forestry Association. The Council engages in logging issues and advocates for loggers.

You can download the following form, fill it out and mail it in today with your check and become a part of the Council. You will also receive the Louisiana Logger magazine each quarter.



SmartLogging Certification

Four loggers are also certified through the LLC and SmartLogging with third party on-site audits. Click the link below to view the names.



Sales tax exemptions for logging equipment

Important Note: The Special Session of the 2016 Louisiana Legislature changed the  exemptions for equipment. From April 1 -June 30, 2016, it will be 2% on the purchase price after the first $50,000. After July 1 it will be 1%.

For purchases of parts, lubricants, belts and oils used the the logging business it will be 5% from April 1 - June 30, 2016 and then will be 3%.

Loggers must apply to Louisiana Department of Revenue for Certification as a Manufacturer to claim 100% exclusion from state sales tax on purchases of equipment. Loggers must have the current form; the old document will not be accepted.

Loggers and forest products industry need to complete the Application for Certification as a Manufacturer for the purpose of Sales/Use Tax Exclusion from the Louisiana Department of Revenue. Beginning October 1, 2009, Department of Revenue required the equipment seller to hold a copy of this certificate from the purchaser before granting any state sales tax exemption. Local sales taxes may still be collected. The equipment seller could be liable for the sales tax if he can’t produce a copy of the buyer’s Exemption Certificate.

Loggers and forest products industry can access the form by going to www.revenue.louisiana.gov/Forms/ForBusiness, click Tax Forms, scroll down under Tax Exemption and  find R- 1070 and click Forms and Instructions. (Or use this link: Applications for Exemption)

Logging and forest industry equipment are completely exempt from state sales tax with the proper certification certificate from the Department of Revenue.

Be sure you have this certificate before you try buying a piece of equipment

Officers for 2017

Council President:

  • Angie Bonner
    Council President - Chapter 5
    Evans, LA
    (337) 208-6813
    e-mail: bonnerlogging@yahoo.com

Chapter Chairmen are:

  • Kendall Puckett  Chapter 1 Co-chair
    Northeast, LA                                                        
    (318) 245-6874                                
    e-mail: racing18kk@gmail.com
  • Heath Patterson Chapter 1 Co-chair
    Northeast, LA
    (318) 245-0002
    e-mail: heapatterson@gmail.com
  • John Keith / Skeet Hodgkins Chapter 2
    Northwest, LA
    (318) 949-3672
    email: skeet@suddenlinkmail.com
  • Joshua McAllister Chapter 3
    North Central LA
    (318) 332-9699
    e-mail: jntmcallister@aol.com
  • Casey Durand Chapter 4
    Southeast Central LA
    (318) 542-2826
    e-mail: tonyarobeau@gmail.com
  • Malcolm Sibley Chapter 6                
    Council VP                                                      
    Southwest LA                                                  
    (225) 933-2806                                       
    e-mail: kstimber@aol.com
  • Clifton Malmay Chapter 7
    West Central LA
    (318) 471-7705
    e-mail: monicacmalmay@yahoo.com