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Louisiana Loggers State Training Requirements

Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) Master Logger Program

By managing the forests properly, the forests are then able to properly grow and prosper. When the forests are thriving, they are able to provide more economic benefits, more products, and a better natural environment in general.

Louisiana is 50% forestland, and in order to keep our state beautiful we must partake in the SFI program. The SFI program will provide the tools needed to keep our forests healthy and growing.

By showing today’s competitive market and economy that you are a responsible organization and care about being environmentally responsible as well has the potential to be very beneficial to your business. 

Who should be a Louisiana Master Logger?
Any and all logging contractors and foremen

How do I become a certified La Master Logger?
The Louisiana Master Logger program consists of a series of classes (2 days) that an individual must attend in order to become certified as a Louisiana Master Logger. Information on these courses can be found on the Louisiana Forestry Association website. 

How often must I take the core classes?
Individuals are only required to take the core classes once. 

Is there Continuing Education?
Yes. Each certified logger must earn a minimum of 6 continuing education credits each year in order to remain certified. If you do not take those classes and you are inactive for three years you must start the certification process over with the core classes. 

Can I view my training record?
Yes you can. Your training record is available on the LFA website at within the La Loggers database. Register a name and password at the top of the website to access the database.

Cost of the classes?
There are fees associated with the classes; most classes are generally $60 - $160 per class.