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Do We Recycle?

Millions of tons of paper from used corrugated boxes to old newspapers and office paper are recycled each year. More paper is recovered in the U.S. for recycling than goes into the landfills, thus saving landfill space. Each day Americans recycle enough used paper to fill 15 miles of boxcars. The forest products industry has invested millions in new equipment that uses recovered paper as a raw material.

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Do We Protect our Wildlife?

Forest landowners participate in a voluntary effort to protect the black bear, which lives primarily in bottomland hardwood and flood plain forests. The red-cockaded woodpecker is also a listed endangered species that lives in Louisiana forests. Many landowners have adopted a multi-use plan for their woodlands so that commercial production of wood fiber and wildlife habitat can co-exist.

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Are Trees Renewable?

The miracle of trees is that they use resources (sun, soil, water, air) without really using them up. Trees also convert carbon dioxide to oxygen and store carbon in the wood, keeping it trapped even after processing into lumber or furniture. Young trees are also more efficient at this process of carbon conversion. Trees are a RENEWABLE resource and we can grow trees over and over on the same site.

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The mission of the Louisiana Forestry Association is to promote the health and productivity of
Louisiana's forests for present and future generations through the practice of Sustainable Forestry.


The Louisiana Forestry Association

The Louisiana Forestry Association was formed in 1947 to foster the practice of forestry, to rebuild the state's cut-over lands, and to build a healthy forest industry. Now, 50 years later, forests cover 48% of the state's land area and forestry is the second largest manufacturing employer in Louisiana. That is the true Louisiana success story.

The Louisiana Forestry Association today is a statewide, private, nonprofit association made up of 5,000  members, mostly large and small landowners along with foresters, employees of forest products industries, wood suppliers , loggers and related industries. You can check out our committees by clicking here and then volunteer to join with us.

You can also keep up with the activities of the Louisiana Forestry Association on our Facebook page with up-to-the minute notices of interest to the forestry community.