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Louisiana Forestry Teacher's Tour

Another successful Teachers Tour took place in Southeast Louisiana! Thirty-seven teachers participated from all over the state. in a hands-on environmental education. This is a four-day forestry tour that presents a guided look at our state’s forests, wildlife, water and the industry that it sustains. Those teachers received resources from Project Learning Tree, Project Wet and Project Wild nationally recognized environmental programs.

The tour is usually held during the second week of June; sign-up begins each February. Sponsors are available for all teachers who participate. Teachers must provide their own transportation to the site, which will be determined before the sign-up period.

The application period begins in February, but if you'd like information about the Teachers Tour, you can email cindykil4@gmail.com.


Project Learning Tree Activity Sheets for teachers

Connecting Kids to Nature: Nature is a great teacher! Try these outdoor activities – they are safe, fun, and educational. Project Learning Tree® activities build children’s creative and critical thinking skills while they learn what the environment needs to remain healthy and sustainable.

Project Learning Tree activity sheet:  Tree Cookies - Spring 2017 Download PDF
Project Learning Tree activity sheet:  Looking at Leaves - Summer 2017 Download PDF
Project Learning Tree activity sheet:  STEM Connection: Exploring Soil Porosity - Fall 2016 Download PDF
Project Learning Tree activity sheet:  Tree Lifecycle - Winter 2016
Download PDF